Sunday, March 14, 2010

O relax! You have another eyebrow (and a half)

I have [had] nice brows. Not too thick, not too thin. They were the perfect shape to balance the slightly above average size nose and massive, humongous, gargantuan forehead I possess. To save on expenses I've been plucking my own eyebrows and just following the shape my waxer Sarah has been following for the past year and a half.

One day last week when I was in Florida I had a particularly stressful morning so I decided I would treat myself to getting my brows waxed. It was time and I could use the mood lifter.

I walk in to a fairly upscale salon (no chop shop for these brows, people!)and only had to wait a few minutes. I immediately inform my waxer I like my brows on the thicker side and not to give me McDonald arches!! I am led back to the waxing table and my waxer is obviously new. She doesn't know where anything is and she is jittery. The owner comes in and shows my lady where the wooden sticks are and the powders/creams/tear sheets, etc. I give a weary look to the owner who reassuringly taps my leg and informs me "Don't worry Sweetie, she's been doing hair since before you've been born. Today's just her first day here".

Phase 1 goes off fairly well from my position. She does the left brow. Then she does the right brow. Then she sits me up & hands me a mirror. The left brow is much thinner than I like but the shape was OK. The right brow was the same shape but a good twice as thick. I point this out and a few strays she missed. She apologies and informs me "it's hard to see in here"!!! As she's thinning out the right brow she yanks the wax off and she exclaims as she quickly sucks in a breath "huuh!!". I lift the mirror (still in my hand) and yup - gone. 1/2 my eyebrow taken off just like that. Life can change in an instant people. Hug your friends. Call your parents. Tell your family you love them. You just never know. ;)

The new girl is shaken up and tries to go back in with more wax! I yell for her to STOP! A few people turn their heads and the owner rushes over. She takes one look at my 1/2 brow and grabs my wrist and says "There's nothing we can do. It's gone." I am cracking up now but it was NOT funny then. I ask for someone to try and fix the damage that has been done as best then could.

Now, for the next few weeks I must "pencil" in my brow which only melts with the rest of my makeup within an hour because I'm so oily. O well. I still have 3/4 of the brows what I went in with.

And before you ask: No, they didn't charge me. Yes, they gave me a $45 brow pencil. Yes, I still left a tip (not for original lady but for the disaster relief lady).


  1. I'm not sure what I would've done in this situation ... I most certainly would've thrown up a little in my mouth.

  2. Yikes!!

    But you have great eyes, so it's ok LOL

  3. I'm digging your blog, Ninja Lady!