Friday, March 12, 2010

LAWNWORK - 4/29/09

Ok - I'll admit it...I suck at lawn maintenance.! I move up here and now have to mow my own grass. Back in Florida I did everything on the inside of the house (which I also sucked at) and Kelly did everything on the outside, which was constant since we have 2 acres, a pool and a manshop. I have a new appreciation for all that outside work.

I now have a 50 x 50 backyard a small front yard and a small side yard.

I do all the research on Consumer Reports to find the perfect models of everything I'll need to have a yard that would be the envy of all the neighbors. My sister hooks me up with bags of weed stop and weed and feed and all that stuff I never even thought of having to apply (Thanks Jill).

It just took me almost 4 hours and I truly think my yard looks WORSE than when I started. I swear. I'm sweaty, I'm tired, I'm shaking..this sucks.

So...I'm taking all this crap back to Home it in for a patio set and a case of wine and will sit sipping my wine as I watch a hired lawn crew 'cause I quit.

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