Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Challenge: Feed myself 5 healthy meals a day for 7 days for $30 total. The results: FAIL!!!!

People say it all the time. Hell I used to say it all the time. "It's too expensive to eat healthy". A challenge was set forth for me to feed myself a healthy 5 meals a day for 7 days for no more than $30.

Now, I am the best shopper I know. If there's a sale within 50 miles I can sniff it out. NO PROBLEM!! I say to myself. I'm single. I don't need huge portions. Piece of cake (Mmmmm - cake!)

I sit and make my menu with the mindset I'll be eating for fuel this week and not pleasure. Get the healthy food in my body 5 times a day for 7 days. Period. Repetitive foods are unavoidable. This is not the time to be planning a big ole flavor party for my tastebuds. Fuel. Fuel. Fuel.

Side note: I would at this time like to say I hate when you watch a food show and they talk about feeding a family of 25 for under $10 and then proceed to use half the friggin ingredients from their pantry or staples already on hand but if THEY can do it, then I am too. However I'll disclose what was in my house already (already on hand items will be red)


2 soft boiled eggs
2 slices of wheat toast with 1 tsp Naturally More Peanut butter on each
1 cup berries mixed with 6 oz yogurt

4 egg whites (I boil a crapload up for the week & have them peeled & throw the yolks away)
1 yogurt
small handfull of walnuts **on hand**

1 multi grain sandwich thin
3 ounces of turkey
avacado slices
spinach leaves
tomato slices
salt & pepper

1 side of home made slaw
1 fuji apple.

(Same as mid morning snack)

I bought Salad ingredients, a 2 pound pork roast (currently cooking in crock pot), and the ingredients for turkey chili. Plus I already have a box of edamame individual packs in the freezer.

THE RESULT: $51.08
OVERAGE: $21.08

$4.48 - 7 fuji apples
2.49 - romaine leaves
1.99 - bag of spinach
2.64 - 3 avacados
1.93 - head of cabbage
2.12 - 1/2 pound ground white turkey meat
.60 - can of tomato sauce
.86 - can of chili beans
.94 - can of dary red kidney beans
.92 - can of seasoned black beans
7.22 - 5 dozen eggs
.88 - cucumber
1.48 - celery
3.48 - campari tomatoes
.65 - red onion
7.50 - 20 yogurts
5.40 - pork roast
3.00 - sliced turkey
2.50 - sandwich thins

On hand:
walnuts, peanut butter, frozen blueberries, edamame, scallions, green pepper, lite mayo.

Yes, I went way over my challenge but tell me how you can eat a less healthy meal for under $1.46/meal or $7.30/day? Let alone reaping the rewards of eating healthy??

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