Friday, March 12, 2010

LADIES ROOM - 4/13/09

So I'm in a public restroom the other night and someone comes in behind me and hollars "Joann?" to which I reply "no...Kim"...then for the hell of it I hollared back "Melissa?" (I don't even know a Melissa...first name I could think of...LOL) to which she replied "no...Barbara". Then she left. For some reason this cracked me up.

That stupid, self-humorous little exchange got me thinking. This actually happens quite often that women will come in and hollar for a friend. Ladies, you can attest to this. Does this happen in men's rooms? Are men sitting on the commode in a stall and a buddy of theirs comes in and hollars "Steve?" or god forbid a nickname "Yo Beef? in here?". I mean how long are you actually in the bathroom that a friend must come and find you? I have been guilty of this myself (ususally when I am buzzed and must for some very important alcohol induced reason fiind my friend ...IMMEDIATELY)

Anyway...just curious.

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