Friday, March 12, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen - STEP RIGHT UP! to KT's freak ...errr.. sleepshow! - 1/27/10

Yesterday I threatened to take a pen and paper with me when I went to bed because I wake up a lot and have the funniest thoughts. That's exactly what I did last night. I woke up probably about 3-4 times (not unusual) and below are the thoughts (& why I think I had them) I had before falling back asleep. Nothing all that funny but still enough material to throw a panel of therapists into a frenzy. :)

In order but not sure which time (1st, 2nd, etc) it was when I woke up:

My throat is sore and I think it has to do with lying face done in OPS (other peoples sweat) at the gym last night.

I had a old silent movies (think black white with vertical lines) type cartoon shoot through my head of a young girl and boy doing some sort of 20's flapper dance.

I need to practice for my Advanced RAD class which starts on Monday.

I need to order more flair markers next Staples order.

I rub my feet together right before I fall asleep and as I wake up - have since I was a toddler. Thought how odd that was.

My Grandmom Kerr - and how I miss her. (she died when I was 7)

the smell of Pink dove soap - G'mom Kerr used to bathe me using it. I still think of her everytime I smell it.

Pink's song Stupid Girl - Had the chorus running through my head - aaarrrhh!

My workout yesterday: I did this in the evening instead of my typical morning time and it was the 1st time I did my full custom routine alone - I'm gathering my thoughts for my follow up to Body Analysis note and what struck me funny last night was as I was doing my sit-ups with the medicine ball - I had to do them in weight room with the "gym gawkers" on a mat because their was a class in the classroom (small gym peeps) - well - I'll save it for my follow-up but funny stuff.

My Brother - He's awesome and I finally got to talk to him at length last night and he told me he was just getting in from the dog park. My thoughts last night were from when I took my dog to the dog park for her Christmas pic and I wore my white jeans. Missy's not a jumper but I forget other little yappers are. i was covered in muddy dog prints when I left. That memory came back to me.

Readers Digest - I fell asleep with my glasses and my Reader's Digest (again). I read it cover to cover and have ever since I was 18. I made fun of myself with a friend yesterday for my RD addicition so that came back as a passing thought.

My Schoneberg collection. I started a collection of vintage charcoal Schoneberg prints from the late 60's and early 70's. I had a chat about them with my sis last night.

My friend Nick in WI and how he checks on this old guy that lives alone.

This morning when I am fully awake and before my feet hit the floor - as i've done since Dec 22 - I thank God for the blessing of another day and make a conscious decision that whatever the day has in store for me I will make healthy and good choices.

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  1. Waking up in the right spirit or mood is a bonus ... it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Welcome to blog-land, Stargazing, Ninja Chick! You should check out Mama Kat's site (it's one of the links on my page). You may get some followers from there!