Sunday, April 4, 2010

Be careful what you wish for....

I'll admit it...I'm not a huge football fan. Shocker! I know. I will say though having moved back to the NE, you don't really have an option of being a fan of the Eagles in my town, or at least do a good job of "faking it" (i.e. when everyone cheers - I cheer. When everyone gets pissed - I get pissed. My "go to" line at this point is "Can you BELIEVE that crap?", sometimes I get mixed up and when everyone cheers I throw in a "Can you BELIEVE that crap?" at the most inopportune time.) I truly believe three quarters of the people think I'm retarded or at a minimum "slow".
Usually my sister & her hubby or someone else in the neighborhood will host the games and it is done so with everyone donning Jerseys, hats, necklaces, do-rags, etc - served up with all the typical game chow - chips & dips, pretzels, shrimp, pizza, beer, blender drinks, soda - served on/in Eagles plates/cups & serving platters. Philly does not play when it comes to their football, people!

At every single game I watched last year over someone's home, Donovan McNabb was screamed, cursed & hissed to. One time I think I even heard a "Your momma!" thrown in for good measure.

Well, he's gone. I have no idea what that means for the future of the Eagles. I'm not even sure what position he played? Center? Goalie? I go for the people, food & beer and half the time I don't even use one of those fancy Eagle emblazoned plates - I go early and stake my claim to a spot closest to the grub.
Gimme a "E"!
Gimme a "A"!
Gimme a "G"!
Gimme a "L"!
Oh hell, who am I kidding?
Gimme a "BEER"!


  1. Should be interesting, considering the Iggles sent McNabb to Washington ... a team they play twice a year ... GULP!

  2. Football with you would actually be fun. :o)